Saturday, June 27, 2009

James Weissinger

In his book "Print is Dead: Books in Our Digital Age," Jeff Gomez writes that "In journalism, content really is king; what matters is the information. Few would argue for the aesthetic merits of an average newspaper. The cheap pulp is simply a vehicle for transporting the news and events of the day, a vessel into which is poured 'all the news that's fit to print.'"

Gomez's bold and perhaps misguided denunciation of medium aside, he inadvertently points toward the soon-to-be discarded aesthetic form of the newspaper, one thus ripe for exploration. If a newspaper is no longer good at conveying timely news, what is it good for? The PIFAS PLACE POST prods the corpse of print culture with a stick in an attempt to answer this question, presenting award-winning news coverage, comprehensive events listings, personal ads, and tasteful comic strips. "Bomb your blog to hell" and keep up on what's going down in PIFAS PLACE.

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